Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Skin Products

Recently I've been loving My Skin products which are specifically for teenage skin and they are exclusive to Tesco. I believe these products have been relaunched at the beginning of February and are now on offer between the 15th Feb - 14th March with a lot of products costing just £1.00 which I can't wait to try out as well as the Clear Skin range at Tesco.

I have the No Shine Mattifying Moisture Lotion which is a light, oil free moisturiser which I use every morning and sometimes in the evening if I feel that my skin needs that little extra moisture. It does what it says and reduces shine as well as making my skin smooth and soft, it also reduces redness of spots which is not its main aim as a moisturiser. The only downfall to this product is that it is only small being ml and would much prefer it to be larger. Overall, it is an all-round great moisturiser, well for my skin it is (Excuse the pun).

I also have Raise and Glow Daily Facial Wash which I don't use that often mainly due to my laziness. This product again leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth but doesn't seem to reduce the shine on my face. Overall, I don't use this product in my skin care routine and would much rather just stick to the moisturiser.

Have you tried any of the My Skin or Clear Skin products?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nude Leopard

I've seen tones of tutorials recently on how to do leopard print nails and never realised how simple it would be so I thought I would share how I do it with you guys. Ps, I know they're not perfect but look super cute either way. Oh excuse the quality in some of the pictures.

So first I applied two costs of the Models Own Nude Beige and let that dry until I started the next step.

I then just simply dotted on my Barry M Limited Edition Silver Glitter Effect nail varnish on in three different spots on my nail which doesn't have to be perfect.

Once my last coat was dry I then went and used my Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner to outline the shapes of the dots and finally I added a topcoat using my OPI quick dry top coat.

So that's it basically, pretty simple huh?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Top 5 Nail Varnishes Right Now

So I've been crazy about nail varnishes recently and been changing my colour every other day so I thought I would share with you a selection of what I've been loving right now all which are pretty different from one another.


My first is this Models Own nail varnish in Nude Beige which is a very neutral colour. Its been sat in my drawer for over a year and I have only just rediscovered it... I love it! Its slightly darker than my skin tone with chocolaty undertones. It also has good coverage and easy application with the brush.


I am super excited for spring as I love pastel colours such as lilac and baby blues including mint green.. obviously. Barry M are probably my most purchased nail varnishes, I love the way that when they chip I can just peal them off instead of having chipped nails which I am not a fan of. Plus I always get compliments when I wear this as it really stands out on my nails.

This is Nails Inc. in Kaberet which is a navy colour, I have been looking for a navy nail varnish for a while that is actually navy and doesn't turn out to be pretty much black and well, I think this is it. I find that the coverage isn't very good and is quite runny so I need a couple of coats.


I love this mini Nail Inc. nail varnish it is an iridescent pinky/purple colour which I got in a gift set for christmas, this is in the colour chinatown. This seems to have better coverage compared to my navy nails inc. nail varnish and I don't feel the need for as many coats.

£27.50 (For set from

Lastly is this mini OPI nail lacquer in Big Apple Red which I got in the 'Best of The Best' set, it is a much brighter red than portrayed in the picture which gives a pop to my nails. I love my OPI nail varnishes but I can no longer justify spending 10.50 on just one.

Friday, 10 February 2012


So I know this is looking rather lonely and plain at the moment, but do not fear, I will be blogging away on a regular basis of things that I feel the need to blog about mainly beauty related, including little bits of 'fashion'.

Im doing this as a hobby as I am nowhere near some sort of 'Guru' I'm pretty much a beginner... but seen as I buy so many beauty products I decided that this could be my way of justifying it all.

I'm sure I'll change things around soon so if you no likey, don't worry! I also love how I'm probably talking to myself right now as I have like 0 'followers', but that's still cool... I guess?

Speak to you soon,
Emma x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

The only reason I picked this up was due to the fact it was pink grapefruit and stood out compared to the other dull daily scrubs. I have oily acne-prone skin and in the past Neutrogena products have done nothing but brake me out but I love this!

Product Description
"An uplifting daily facial scrub with powerful MicroClear® technology and exfoliating micro-beads, the formula unclogs pores to clean deeply and help eliminate spots and blemishes. The refreshing scrub gently purifies the skin without over drying, while a wave of pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness."

First Thoughts
It smells amazing exactly like a pink grapefruit. It applies as a gentle scrub with small micro beads and then starts to leather as you rub it in - making it easier to wash off. It made my skin feel soft and smooth however it did dry my skin out a tad.

I think it’s a handy size being 150ml, its large enough so you can get a good number of uses but not too big that if you need to travel with it then it won’t take up too much space.

Overall Thoughts
I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and it seems to have calmed down my acne slightly and it has made my skin super soft though which is always a bonus. Not sure whether I would repurchase this seen as it does not make a huge impact on my skin.

Boots - £4.95